Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009!

Time to put the holidays behind us.. I think its official now with the 'redecorating' of our little Christmas tree. Friends at our 3 Kings/12th Day of Christmas Party Monday night really helped us out with this- we got reeeeeally creative with some new ornaments. Its now Wednesday and they are all still there, wilting away, I've just been too lazy to take the whole tree down, but will have to do so later today (still don't quite feel up to the challenge). But I am excited to get back into the Creative Challenge.. I'll try to post something a couple/few times every week for the "Creative Every Day 2009" Challenge, since I liked the idea (and motivation) so much for "Creative Every Day Month" last November- even though I had to stop posting because of holiday travel plans..
Looking forward to much more creativity in the year ahead!