Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who stole November?

I guess that's that for Creative Every Day month in November! whah.

I got sidetracked with my 3 weeks of subbing hormone yoga in German..that's a good excuse right? I did study a lot for that. But I also did play around with a few projects, mostly just some fun in Photoshop. Found some new brushes from a magazine I discovered at the library called Docma (don't bother unless you can read German, if you can there's some great freeby stuff like cool brushes and good tips and tricks. I get easily side-tracked, have I mentioned that?

I miss Photoshop. It seems like as soon as I say/think I want to paint or draw, I'm pulled back to the computer and have this urge to explore Photoshop. So I went with it, although it was really with the intent to spruce up some wedding photos since our 5 year anniversary suddenly popped up (ya that's right..5 years already? no way:) and I didn't have one single photo framed or printed from this special spontaneous Monday night on Ft. Lauderdale beach where we tied the knot!

Oh, and it was my nephew's 10th bday so I did his invitations and made a little collage card of all the photos we have from him over the years.. that was fun. The collage was started in which you can download for free, but you'll want to upgrade (I didn't, just cheated a little) so you can adjust photos and not have their logo blasted across your collage.

I will say that I finally have a nice little set up in my spare room with a desk to actually sit and play at, and I don't even care if it gets ruined! So I'm looking forward to more creative time, even if it isn't every day.. but that is always inspiring to read about (and see) what's happening at the Creative Every Day site and others who participate! Thanks!