Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All hung up with no place to go!

At least not for another week..so come on by either tonight or any evening after 8 pm this week to see a creative, QR coded art exhibit at Das Provisorium (Lindwurmstr. 37, near Sendlingertor).

Some experimental photography samples:

Perhaps you've noticed, I like photographing the Angel of Peace which is always there looking down at me after I turn the corner from my block onto Prinzregententsrasse.  I have experimented a bit in changing the appearance of how I see it daily.

Just hung this up this morning and it's already sold!

I froze a bit while taking these shots on my way home one night,
passing through the Deutsches Museum over this bridge (is it 'Dr. Brosch' bridge? Anyone know?)

Negative image of Sendlingertor at night.
Right across the street I live on, if you look left you'll see the Peace Angel. 
But once you've got 'Käfer' in your sights its hard to go anywhere else!
Recognize it?  One of the most beautiful buildings in Munich:  Müllersches Volksbad.

And some experimental work in mixed media (combining acrylic paint, photography, photo transfer, and schoolbooks!).  To see and read more about the process involved take a look here.

 Click on the image below to read (and see) more about what this is all about!

A close-up portion of a larger collaged piece entitled 'Contemplating the Truth about Aging' and personally relates to my grandmother who turned 102 this March.  Photo of my Grandma, 'Mildred' (left) and her sister, 'Gladys' (right)

 I have been somewhat captivated by moving vehicles at night as well lately.  At the show there is a mixed media piece also taken at this corner of Rosenheimerstr. and Am Gasteig.  I have combined the photo with acrylic paint on canvas.

Our flyer, for more details.  Come by tonight or anytime this week if you can!  (Tonight you'll receive a free drink from Yelp, our sponsor)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mixed + Media Exhibition, March 13 in Munich

This Tuesday, the Munich Creative Group will hold another, hopefully just as fantabulous as last one, art exhibit consisting of a variety of mixed media artwork at Das Provisorium, conveniently located near Sendlingertor on Lindwurmstrasse.

 Everything you need to know..right here:

Some other fun things you should know:
** Visitors with smartphones will be able interact with the artwork on display via QR codes, which will bring up additional information about a piece, such as a written description of the artist's thought process or a video of the artist actually creating the work- how cool is that?!  We'll be able to help you with this if necessary!

**Yelp is our sponsor for this show, this means everyone gets a free drink upon arrival simply by checking in on the Yelp app or by filling out our feedback card.  Some 'Yelpers' will be there to help with this process too!

** In case you can't make it on Tuesday, 13th, fear not!  The exhibition will also be open to the public 14-18 March, evenings from 20:00.

I'll be showing some new experimental work along with 7 other international artists, this is an opportunity for all of us to try some new things but some of us will also show work of our typical mediums like painting, drawing, photography..a little something for everyone with a techie-twist to it all!
Hope to see ya!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photoshop Fun!

Sometimes one can have just too much fun playing in Photoshop..and then one can wonder why one is not actually completing anything for their upcoming show but would have an entire, complete range of incomplete works if that happened to be the theme for one's upcoming show.  Well, it's not the theme (our theme is actually mixed + media, click here for Munich Creative Group's upcoming show, March 13) and I have always wanted to create some Munich, or other city, collages whether it be true mixed media or collaged in Photoshop.

I live near this monument, Peace Angel, perhaps you have seen it elsewhere on my blog as it is one of my favorite subjects to photograph (not only is it convenient but I think it's just beautiful).  You may also know of it as 'Friedensengel', which has a nice ring to it I think, whether or not you understand that it means Angel of Peace.

So here are my results from spielen mit the Peace Angel..should I continue down this path or get out of Photoshop and get my hands dirty with some paints, collage, transfers and who knows what else?!  hmmm...

Maybe its a bit too much like a graphic poster for something?

 If you look close enough you can see the text is mirrored..oops, I need to change this.  I originally thought I would do a photo transfer with the text.  Too busy?

OOOOOO fun in Photoshop...posterizing!  Somebody stop me...no, don't I'm just getting warmed up!