Friday, March 7, 2014

Creative Spaces Out & About

On this 'Photo Friday',  I'll narrow the focus down to my creative companions and my latest tools of the trade since I'm in flux with my literal creative environment (although inspired and relieved to not have to make it 'perfect' before I kickstart the creativity once again)..

Since I've been back in the ATL- mostly my 'tools of the trade' have been my Canon EOS 550D camera (including my one and only extra lens that i heart so much, my EF 50mm).  Here are some of my recent shots, starting with my creative companion.

Creative partner in crime, Oscar

I guess my creative work environment this past year has mostly been out and about as opposed to in the studio.  So much to get reaquainted with in the neighborhood(s) I lived in exactly 10 years ago.  I've been back exactly a year now, sometimes it's really strange to be back, sometimes it's like I never left. But so much has changed!

One of the big dealios in town is the Beltline that has really changed this area for the better.  So many people out and about on this pedestrian only paved-over train tracks that will eventually run entirely around the entire city, but for now is just right down the street from me and a quick shot to several areas around town by bike or foot.  Oh, and a bunch of fun artwork along it!

At first this looked like a pile of junk, but suddenly... realize it's a pile of junk form of a human face.  Neato.

Deer sculptures watch bikers ride by.
A highlight was the lantern parade which brought out 10,000+ people along the Beltline one night,
and some pretty crazy 'puppets'!
There is so much more to show and tell about my new creative environment but that's going to have to be rap for now!  Happy Trails..


Vickie Martin said...

thank you so much for these images - many of the blogs in this have inspired me to get out and explore my city more (I used to be such an explorer - what happened?) so thanks for the inspiration.

Gina Abbott said...

i love how you are showing me a new side to atlanta. love the photos! i need to get out and explore more!

Kim said...

Thank you Vickie! Hope you got out this weekend, what beautiful weather we had!
Thanks, Gina!