Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tools, Resources, and Superheroes

What a beautiful spring day in Atlanta today! Hope everyone was able to get out at least for a bit, wherever your spring may be springing.

Today's daily prompt (Day 11) asks us to name some of the tools, resources, or connections that we need to conquer our creative dreams.  Here goes..

What knowledge gaps do you have?
Lots.  I'm still not confident with my technical skills for photography.  While I took a lot of fine art classes in college towards my graphic design degree, I still feel I'm lacking in the area of painting- never even touched oil paints.  But I'll probably tackle more encaustic classes first, that was fun and just skimmed the surface!

What classes are you dying to take? Creative, professional, technical, etc…
I signed up for access to Lynda.com classes and am excited to brush up (ok, re-learn) some graphics programs, but also some more on social media, SEO, and whatever else I can find the time to take.  There are so many more now available. Actually, right now I'm taking a (free!) online course via Creative Live called "Make Money Make Art with Ann Rea" which is pretty self-explanatory, and very good so far. I hope it helps.  Today is Day 2 of two-day course.  They offer many, you just have to attend live (or catch rebroadcast) and it can suck up many hours at a time, but I'm finding it worthwhile and hopeful.
I would also like to take some more encaustic classes, as well as perhaps a calligraphy class soon.  Oh, there are many classes I'm dying to take!

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently – or in a different order?
I can't think about this or I will drive myself crazy (I know this, because I often find myself living in the past, but not right now..at this moment I mean. Ha, I guess I'm living in the present?! That's a first!)

What resources do you feel are essential to the growth of your creative or entrepreneurial practice?
A supportive community/group is vital- this could be your at home support system and/or your regional community and even an online community, I think this helps me a lot to keep me motivated, inspired and curious and holds me accountable to produce!  Also, access to financial support would be helpfu.  Access to potential buyers, and first probably a target market which might help to be determined by a business plan while I'm at it!  

If you had a super power, what would it be?
I always wanted to be invisible, not because I want to just disappear or anything but I guess it would just really help with being sneaky! I think I had a dream last night that I was - well the scary dude who was sniffing around for me couldn't find me at least but I was right in front of him.  I've also had dreams where I could breathe under water and I would love to be able to do that in reality! Not sure which official super power that is though, I can only picture Aquaman (who is not pictured here).

Since I don't have a photo of Aquaman..this will have to do from Dragon Con in ATL.
(Below this is my pic of the Invisible Man, fyi.  He's not very tall).

If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
Hmmm.. Kandinsky, or Marc Chagall for artistic awe-inspiring wowness.  Some live ones might be Ai Weiwei (how interesting would that be?!) and lesser knowns
After watching this 'Make Money Make Art' online course today, I'd love to work with Ann Rea too!  Also, Richard Branson while I'm at it- he's a nice mix of nuttiness and know-how.


Emmy A Horstkamp said...

Love that you have a super hero photo! Living today sounds like a good plan and I'm curious which Lynda.com classes you like most. I bought some classes from Craftsy? and they are pretty well made.

Kim said...

oooo, I like the sounds of that Craftsy! Will let you know about which courses I liked on lynda when i actually take em! Creative Live also has some good (free) classes, if you time it right!