Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wanted: Studio Makeover

Day 5 of the C4ward March Blogathon topic is focused on our studio...

Bring to life the dynamics of your studio.
Oh, how I wish I could do this, however, since moving (back) to Atlanta, I still don't have the ideal studio set up.  I thought I could squeeze it into our guestroom (which is carpeted and therefore makes me nervous to sprawl about), right now it's a fairly small desk that my laptop occupies most of the time.  But this is about to change!  

My future studio will be a larger desk/table area downstairs in the garage (which has decent flooring but I can still sprawl out on it, plus it's a lot cooler in summer there). I'm concerned about the lighting but I'm going to try it.  
In Munich my studio looked like this and had hardwood floors that I usually stretched out on and worked:

 What gives you satisfaction in the studio?
Being able to sprawl out, make a mess, work on several things at a time, no one around to disturb me (unless they bring me dinner or a drink-or both), and assistance from my cat (the one who helps me focus).  Oh, and naturally, the process of creating something that isn't frustrating me, maybe even something I like, when I slip into that zone when nothing else matters and before I know it hours have slipped by.
Oh!  Currently, I LOVE my new ball I stretch out on, allowing my shoulders and body to flop open after scruncing up over my desk! Sometimes I even bounce around on it while working.
See the ball? I love it.
What are you currently exploring there?
Now that I look at these photos...some organizing and setting up a 'proper' workspace!

Create a “wish list” for your work.
Beyond a more appropriate space/desk, a broader selection of paints, and surfaces and some organization would be nice.  I also recently took a very fun class in Encaustic Painting (and incorporating photos), it was so much fun but I would need a boatload of new supplies and some seriously hot tools that I'd have to be careful around but would love to play with at home!

What studio goals would allow for ecstasy?
Some organization but also being able to leave everything out and around without the fear of guests coming or needing to clean up. It would be so nice to pop in and out whenever I wanted to, being able to pick up right where I left off before.



It is so nice to see another artist's workspace and listen to your ideas and concerns about it. I think it is amazing how many of us make art despite what we feel are our studio limitations. Love the bouncing ball idea. I think I may have to incorporate that into my art making routine!

Maggie said...

Love looking at artist studios. We are so adaptable finding space to work in all kinds of places. Wherever you, are falling into the flow of work is magical. Being able to do multiple projects in one space is so much fun. Love that ball. I have one but never seem to use it. Thanks for the reminder.