Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Slip in the Snow

I'll just jump right in here by squeeking in on Day 3 of the C4(ward) March Blogathon in Atlanta (despite my tardiness I'm very excited to be participating and snooping around on other artists' blogs!).

We are tasked today with sharing our favorite work:

hmmm...One of my favorite photographs was taken on a memorable morning when I lived in Munich, Germany and woke up at 5:30 a.m. to a very snowy city.  I'm not known for my early morning anythings, but I grabbed my camera, ran down our 107 stairs all excited and giddy, to the 'Friedensengel' just 2 blocks from our apartment to part of a large expanse of park (known as the 'English Garden').  It was so quiet and peaceful.  No one around, until the moment after I snapped this photo when I slipped and went airborn just as the morning's first jogger cruised by - trying not to notice me I think.  No tracks yet in this busy area located very close to the city and right alongside a heavy-traffic street.  It seemed like this little bench was lonely and cold.  And the trees seemed frozen and taller than usual.  Almost made me wish I could get out more often at this hour.

"Early at the Park" Munich, Germany 2012
Probably my favorite mixed media canvas that I've done is this small piece titled, "sich Erinnern + an, Johannisplatz" (meaning, 'to remember') because I think it's the first time that I finally felt I was able to execute close to the look/effect that I wanted to achieve, although it's kind of hard to tell here.  I'd been experimenting with mixed media and photo transfers and think I finally achieved the look I was going for and had fun putting my german notebooks to good use too!  (I always kept them thinking I would go back and review/re-study my classes, but after 8 years or so of not doing this I found another purpose for my old notes- hurray! These verbs were printed but cut into 2 parts, other hand-written notes were used in other projects)  It was also getting close to when we knew we would be leaving Munich to move back to the U.S. and I began to realize how much beauty surrounded me.  I did not want to forget all of these images I'd becomed accustomed to seeing on a daily basis.

Sich Erinnern + an, Johannisplatz 2012 (15 cm x 15 cm)
I'm happy that both of these have found nice homes in Munich, after being exhibited there in 2012.


Emmy said...

A home in my home! I love seeing it here. I can't wait until you make some more mixed media pieces. We had no snow this year so there would have been no beautiful snow images in the English Garden but I'm curious to see if you took any snow photos in Atlanta.

Gina Abbott said...

what wonderful work! the snow photo definitely deserves a reprint and to be hung here in atlanta to share the beauty of munich. maybe a munich/germany photo exhibit? i love that you are using your old notebooks for your collages, fantastic idea!

Kim said...

Thanks Emmy, I'm glad this little piece is with you. Seems like everywhere I go, the snow follows me! I was here for just of the snow 'events' but did take some, have to find them and see what I got!

Julie said...

Love your snowy photos!