Friday, March 14, 2014

Photo Friday with a Touch of Throwback Thursday

Hello Photo Friday!  I will combine this with Throwback Thursday since although spring is popping up all around us (yay!) after a long winter, I am still organizing some of those winter photos - and boy what a winter it was in ATL!  (Just like back in Munich, only Munich had milder temps than here- what a first!)

For today's "Show and Tell" about ourselves as "Artist in our City" when we travel outside our workspace. I had a fun 'run' during Snowmageddon here in Jan/Feb (more snow fell here than in Munich this year!  Lucky for me, I love snow).  But I really got a kick out of how our city dealt with it (and I defended ATL on its behalf since it so infrequently snows like this and the streets were like popsicles).

Heehee..Planet "Beach" was closed due to weather conditions.

Not weather-related but same trip...Strolling along Ponce de Leon Avenue...
(i guess before they closed due to snow:)

Yes my mouth is too open but we are pretending to be having the time of our lives.

Now I'm back to my cool self.

I also think about the not-so-funny aspects of life too.

Here's my artsy fartsy pic.
Piedmont Park!

Piedmont Park all jacked up! 
I cant help it, I like playing with photos digitally

Today's C4 Atlanta Blogathon prompt is below (I feel like I addressed the highlighted questions for sure, and maybe a couple others that I wasn't even aware of?!).  I would like to address some of the other questions in a future post (somebody remind me)...

"Use 5 to 7 photographs (fewer or more if you want) to show and tell about yourself as an “Artist in Your City.” When you travel outside your workspace, how does the artist in your get expressed?"
  • Where do you journey in your community as an artist?
  • Where are you exhibiting, performing, or selling your work?
  • How do you appear (attire, attitude, and ambition)?
  • Are you working at another job to support your art making?
  • What places do you frequent most often in your community? Why?
  • Do you support other artists at their events?
  • Who is in your community that you want to connect with?
  • Who cultivates the artist in you?
  • Where do you go to relax and regenerate your creative spirit?


Sandra Hughes said...

Wonderful photos. I enjoyed my journey around ATL with you. The snow look fabulous - but am so glad not to have to deal with it.

Emmy A Horstkamp said...

Kim it's great to see Atlanta from your viewpoint and to see snow! Have a good weekend and I hope you keep blogging :-)

Gina Abbott said...

nice job on "photo friday!" sorry we missed the second snow but nice to see your photos of it . . . makes me wish i was there for it. now, keep up the good work kim!